Who would have thought that there was still fresh life in the vampire genre. Swedish director Anders Banke's Frostbite is a gothic, bloody horror tale heavily laden with doses of black humour that far transcend the conceptual slapstick of the average American horror flick.
The film opens in 1944 in the Ukraine , where a group of soldiers become estranged from their unit and lost in the wilderness. Seeking shelter in an old, seemingly empty house, they soon discover they are not alone. Cut to contemporary Swedish Lapland, where single mother Annika and her daughter are settling into their new home.
Annika is a scientist who works under the well-respected, octogenarian geneticist Gerhard Beckert. But Beckert, it seems, was one of the soldiers in that cabin and has for the past sixty years been attempting to make a super-race of vampires. When Annika's daughter steals some pills from his lab and takes them to a party, things get out of hand. Cue plenty of blood and plenty of laughs.